Natural Gas Vehicles USA Whitepaper 2013-2014
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Natural Gas Vehicles USA Market Whitepaper
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Natural Gas Vehicles USA Market Whitepaper

FC Gas Intelligence’s Natural Gas Vehicles Market Report USA 2013-2014 provides an up-to-the-minute summary of current conditions in this fast-growing market segment. The report’s four chapters summarizes the latest business intelligence vital to understanding issues currently confronting stakeholders in this market, and provides direct guidance for fleet managers looking for first-hand advice on key issues to consider when deciding whether to switch to cheaper, cleaner-burning natural gas.

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Key Features of the Whitepaper Include:

  1. NGV USA Market Overview: Comprehensive Analysis of the North American NGV Market
    • Market size and growth forecasts
    • Growth Drivers
    • Location of existing, proposed and planned CNG & LNG stations
    • LNG Supply developments
  2. Government Policies: How they will impact the NGV market over the next 5 years
    • Subsidies and tax incentives
    • Procurement policy
    • CAFÉ Standards
    • Environmental regulation & Export policy risks
  3. Converting to Natural Gas: Key Considerations to address when converting your fleet to NGVs
    • Light, Medium & Heavy Duty trucking options
    • Factors to consider in HD fleet conversions
    • State subsidies for light & heavy duty fleet options
  4. Infrastructure Development: How to successfully plan and build NGV infrastructure
    • Basic cost considerations, CNG vs LNG
    • Design, planning & siting of CNG & LNG stations

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